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e-Liquid and nicotine

E-liquid (e-juice, smoke juice) is a liquid that is vaporized into a breathable form with the electronic cigarette. E-liquid therefore, replaces the tobacco in an regular cigarette. E-liquids main ingredient is usually propylene glycol (PG) which is commonly used in foods and cosmetics. Another alternative base is vegetable glycerol (VG). These can 30ml bottle of e-Liquid manufactured by Dekangalso be used together in desired proportion. Using VG as a base usually results a slightly thicker liquid and produces more vapor than the PG e-liquid but some think it tastes soapy or stuffy. Some still prefer VG only since PG can trigger an allergic response in certain people.

Electronic cigarette liquid is mostly imported from China where the largest manufacturer is Yunnan Dekang Biotechnology Co.., Ltd. (http://www.yndekang.com/). The company itself claims to produce 90% of all e-liquid sold anywhere, which may well be true. Many dealers sell this e-liquid re-bottled as-is or modify the flavors and thus create their "own" e-liquid. It is almost impossible to determine whether a supplier sells the same e-liquid in a different packaging unless the seller reveals their source. There are also brands made in the west and even made with completely western ingredients. Please see out e-liquid database for a full list.

Prefilled e-Cigarette cartridges from JantyElectronic cigarette liquid is sold in pre-filled cartridges or it can be purchased separately in a bottle for refilling the cartridges. Almost all e-liquids have the same basic sweetish taste that comes from the propylene glycol or vegetable glycerol used as a base. Different flavorings can be used to adjust the flavor. Most popular are the ones trying to imitate the taste of a real cigarette and almost every supplier offer multiple variations. Some imitate a certain brand, menthol, cigars, pipe tobacco etc. However, even if the seller claims the liquid tastes exactly like a real tobacco cigarette, at best it only tastes something like the tobacco leaves smell . Whether this is a good or a bad thing is up to you.

Much more interesting are the hundreds of different fruit, drink, cocktail, herb, dessert and candy flavors offered. How about cappuccino, licorice, menthol, strawberry, cola, chocolate mint, black tea, cherry, fennel, energy drink, coconut or vanilla ice cream tasting vapor? Here are just a few of the most popular. You can also get flavorless base liquid and mix your own flavorings to it. The simplest way to start DIY (do-it-yourself) is to get some menthol crystals and add those to a flavorless base for a menthol vape. Some online shops offer small e-liquid sample bottles that are a great way to find your own favorite. E-liquids can be compared with each other, at least in the amount of vapor produced, throat hit, taste and its strength, price and how it's packaged. Finding your own favorite could be a long project. Read e-Savuke.com's reviews and top list to get started.

Price of a 30ml e-liquid bottle can vary from less than 10 dollars to 30 dollars and up. As with the devices, higher price is not always a guarantee of better quality. Usually a few drops of e-liquid is enough for a vaping session equilevant to one regular cigarette. To fill a medium sized cartridge you'll need about ten to fifteen drops (~ 0.5ml). Pre-filled cartridges are usually sold in packages of at least 5 and the price per cartridge is about ~$1.50, usually a bit less. From this we can conclude that the use of bottled refill e-liquid is only about half as expensive as using prefilled cartridges.

You can also get e-liquid with nicotine. E-liquids are generally categorized so that they can be compared to regular cigarette strengths. Strengths go from nicotine-free (0mg) to ultra light (5mg) and all the way to super high (36mg). Even above this is available but if you are just starting to get used to e-cigarettes, i'd recommend avoiding those. Milligrams mean the amount of nicotine per milliliter. So for example if you smoke cigarettes containing 0.6mg nicotine, 1ml of 16mg strength e-liquid corresponds to approximately 27 ordinary cigarettes. The highest strengths (> 36mg/ml) of e-liquids are intended to be diluted, and should not be used as-is.

E-liquid should be kept in a dark, cool place (60°F - 75°F / 15°C - 25°C) and tightly closed. E-liquid remains useful when stored correctly up to 18- 24 months. Most bottles come with a best-before date.

Keep the electronic cigarette liquid always out of reach of children and pets. Nicotine is highly toxic if incorrectly used. E-liquid is a substance which may also cause allergic reactions in a minority of people. Stop using the product immediately if you experience unpleasant side effects such as dizziness, itching, sore throat, or nausea.

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