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    Fractal1 englanniksi - novelli - SiB77

    ::Pahoittelen kieliopillisia virheitä::

    Man is summon to face strenght test. Quide puts a emitter to chest. To count pushups. No cheating this time. So we start. One two three is easy... but emitter only counts perferct push ups.. it is strucle but

    make full ten.

    "Well done" says the guy from fairy.. you are the first one. Step right in!

    We have to clean you up like right astronaut.. "Whut? Really? This was just simulation?" - "Yeah, what makes it even better is act like it is real". Stripdown and shower.. "It is feeling just a bit too real.."

    So I but my new gear on.. It is heavy with little peaces of mangents. Well, that makes feeling more real. I am going to "ferris wheel" to simulate rocket to mars."

    I am instructed to sit down to chair that resembles to rocket to mars. Nice!

    Countdown begins... magnets strap be down so i know that is simulation.. Countdown ends and magnets pull me down FOR REAL! This is no more fun! I can see clouds goining apart... I Can not breath! What the fuck

    is this?.. This is too real!....


    I woke up and see stars passing by in grazy speed! At this point I dont know is this a merry go around or real. Did they inject me with something? I am speeding across stars.. for what reason?

    There is calm voice in my headset.. saying that you are chosen for this task. My mind wonders.. am i here? am i at earth? or in space? Wut the fuck?

    "No you are, no more at the earth" -says voice... PANIC! Shiiiiiiiit! What the fuck? Is this for real? No No NO I AM DREAMING!!?

    Calm female voice says that you were chosen. Hell Yah I was chosen AT THE FAIRY! Fuck i am doing here? No no no, i am just sleeping! WAKE UP WAKE UP! I pinch my self... ... and feel pain SHIT I Am awake!
    I do not want to be here. I wait for a minute.. to feel where i am.. i don´t feel like... beeing.. anything.. confusing.. i resist for a while because nothing makes sense.. I start to drift to somewhere i newer

    have beeng..

    As a drift as i see surrounding female voice coming stronger. That is something to hang on, well there is nothing else.

    She says, let it go... I ask why?..

    Because you are dead!

    Dead? How and why I died? I shout! She replies why you care?

    You had a life and now you are with us.. I can not accept this. I was healthy and vivid. How i am dead now? So i ask..

    You where spared... all your fellow humans was destroid... What? NO? WHY? WHO? REALLY? WHY ME?

    There is a reason for all this. Do not be afraid. It was not us that harmed your people. But we saved you.

    If i am dead, well these people are nice, clothing and food. I just go around, million questions to ask but i feel i dont have to ask. Strange, well maybee this how you go around when you are dead.

    I dont feel like asking about my death but i ask anyways because i feel that it doesn't affend them.

    "Why am i dead?" i ask. &quoto you feel dead?" . "No, i dont." "Good" "Why i asked?" "Thats human nature" "Explain, please"

    "There is no reason to do that" . " Really?" . "Yes, so you died and you came with us" . " So I live again? "

    " Livinig is so strickted, now you are more " . " So.. I live? But i am not alive? I feel live but i feel num.."

    "Oh! That wears of in time.. you are get used to it. In time you feel as i feel." - "Such as?" - "Immortal" - "Oh nice.. do i want to be immortal?"

    " Some beings do not want to be, they choose to unbeing witch pussless me, for we have all that we want."

    "Can i go around places?" - " Please do! " When you are bored come back, you can move in time to."

    "Moving in time and place for eternity... does it make me bored?" - " Yes it does, that is reason for entitityes vanish themself... this is hell..."

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