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Aihe: Any E-cigarette stores in Helsinki ?

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    Any E-cigarette stores in Helsinki ?


    Firstly I'm not sure if I posted this thread in the right section, so please refer me to another section if I didn't.

    I'm a small electronic cigarette and liquid reseller in Estonia and am staying in Helsinki for a few days.

    I'm looking for a e-cig store here and if anybody would be so kind to educate me about the stores here in Helsinki i'd be more than pleased ^^

    I've already found a few stores located here, not sure about the names of the stores but atleast i've got the address.

    Mirkonkatu 8, Hermannin Rantatie 20 and Fleminginkatu 8

    I'm really happy to see that there are nice quality e-cig web stores in Finland that I don't see so much in my country, probably ordering something from a finnish web store soon as well.

    So if there are any stores situated in Helsinki, i'd be glad to visit them.

    Best regards,

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    HöyryPoliisi luuponen's Avatar

    Steamland Yard

    Vs: Any E-cigarette stores in Helsinki ?

    Tere Kriss!

    There you can find Finnish shop-owners (both web and streetshops).

    Unfortunately it's all in Finnish, so try to get hang of it since google translates everything to almost hebrew.

    Maybe some helsinki-oriented people will help you out too after they'll see this msg.

    so stay tuned and enjoy Helsinki!

    Palautetta : "Eli Luuponenhan sun käyttäjänimi oli/on millä f....ing ilveellä voit väittää noin oikeesti tekisi mieleni itse vääntää jostain paikasta eli korjaa virheesi ja myönnä että olet väärässä.

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    Vs: Any E-cigarette stores in Helsinki ?

    Thank you luuponen

    So I found one street shop from the link luuponen provided and it belongs to Tubakakauppa Pajazzo which im about to visit tomorrow, hopefully i'll find some mods there too.

    So I visited three e-cig stores and the most promising one was located at Mirkonkatu 8, they were selling Greensmoke products.

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    Vs: Any E-cigarette stores in Helsinki ?

    No they are not selling greensmoke products, they just decided to use the same name , logo , pictures etc from greensmoke.
    So basically it has nothing to do with the uk greensmoke..

    Boys are making a lot of money by screwing customers, but hey ! thats the way this world works.


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