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Aihe: Sahti beer question

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    Sahti beer question

    hey guys, Luke here. I have this question totally not related to e-cigs but also a very pleasant subject I believe my and my friend are big fans of sahti beer which I know is yours nation specialty. Here in Poland one of the craft brewery launched some time ago a sahti inspired beer called "koniec swiata" which translates to "end of world" and that is how we got hooked up. Now we decided to try some sahti straight from the roots. Right now I am trying to find a store in Finland that has a nice range of sahti and delivers to Poland, so if you have any ideas please don't hesitate to share them with me. I will highly appriaciate it ! Thanks : Cheers:
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    Höyrykone True Puffin's Avatar

    Good quality sahti is often sold only in Alko and they don't have any delivery options. Maybe you should contact: www.finlandiasahti.fi email is in "yhteystiedot".
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    Here is the sad truth. Basically it's almost impossible to by it anywhere else than finland. You could try to contact to those breweries, Stadin Panimo might be the best bet, but they are not a traditional Sahti maker. But I think their products are sold abroad also.
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    Thanks a lot for the feedback and some useful links! will surely check'em out
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