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Aihe: -top-rank service and authentic products

  1. #1 -top-rank service and authentic products

    Hi all,
    Thanks for the Admin's thanks, we are really grateful for his kindness, and we are so glad that we can join in this big community!

    Our webiste landing page:Electronic Cigarette, E-cigarette Retail Wholesale Store -

    As a leading electronic cigarette brand authorized distributor, offers genuine products from the official manufacturer as described.

    It is building up an excellent reputation for high-quality products and exceptional customer support.

    And today we will share with you some popular item:
    Kangertech Subtank Mini Cartomizer with OCC 4.5ml
    Coupon code: KMF10OFF

    Eleaf Melo Airflow Adjustable Clearomizer

    Eleaf iStick 50W VV/VW Mod Battery

    Eleaf Lemo II Rebuildable Atomizer for pre-order

    Joyetech Delta II Atomizer with LVC Base - silver

    Sigelei 100W Plus Box Mod 510 Thread

    Pioneer4You IPV 4 100W Box Mod for Pre-order

    Dovpo Mini 50W

    These items are hot, and for our new customers, we will offer greater deal for you, and if you can be assured for this! Satisfying our customers interest is our aim!and if you have some questions, please feel free to let me know!
    Best wishesm
    Betty from

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    Eleaf Lemo II with $29.5 now!

    Hi all,
    today i would like to share with you one great news!
    For Eleaf lemo 2, we offer 17% discounts!
    It just last two day!
    Coupon code:Lemo17OFF
    Besides, this item is in stock now!

    Hopefully you like this!
    Best wishes,
    betty from

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    Deal all,
    Great deal for you!
    10% discounts FOR all products except some products who have been given special price in

    And this discount codes only lasts three days!

    And yesterday we just got some new item. and i make a list for you, please check it!

    You can purchase what you like with saving more
    such as:
    Eleaf Silicon Case for iStick 50W

    Eleaf Leather Case for iStick 20W/30W

    Dovpo E-LVT 2.0 Mod

    Dovpo Mini E-LVT Box Mod

    Dovpo GX-200 Mechanical Mod

    Hopefully you like these shares, guys, have a nice day
    Best wishes,
    betty from

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    Here is the deal: $16.2 for Innokin iSub Sub Ohm Tank
    coupon code:NST10OFF, expires 24th April.
    Pre-order now!

    The Innokin iSub is a new top quality Vaporizer Tank which is made of Stainless Steel and high quality German made P.C. The iSub tank has Japanese Organic cotton wicking for superior flavor and it is packaged with two 0.5ohm coils.

    Package content:
    1 x Innokin iSub Sub Ohm Tank
    1 x coil for iSub Sub Ohm Tank

    Best wishes,
    Betty from

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    $ 66 voor Joyetech Delta II verstuiver + 50W iStick Mod Kit (Gratis verzending)

    Voor Joyetech Delta II verstuiver + 50W iStick Mod Kit
    De oorspronkelijke totale prijs is $ 86, nu is het 73.3UUSD

    Wij zijn bereid om onze klanten tien meningen meer kortingen aan te bieden! Ik weet nu is 66USD nu
    De code is: JDS10OFF
    En de code wil verstrijkt op 4 mei!

    Hopelijk jullie als dit! Een mooie dag verder!
    Beste wensen,
    Betty van

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    Hei kaikki,
    Yksi paljon sinulle!

    Voidakseen palautetta meidän cusotmers ja tarpeidesi. haluaisimme tarjota parempaa sopimusta
    iStick 50W Mod Kit + nahkalaukku iStick 50W

    Uisng tämä koodi: EMC15OFF
    Saat kaksi tuotetta, kokonaishinta on nyt 46,4 dollaria nyt!
    Koodi tahto päättyy 5th, voi!

    Ilmainen toimitus!
    Paketin sisältö:
    1x iStick 50W paristo
    1x ego sovitin
    1x USB-kaapeli seinään laturi
    1 xEleaf nahkalaukku iStick 50W

    Ystävällisin terveisin,
    Betty alkaen

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    Hei kaikki!

    Vuodesta 5,1-5,3, me lämpimästi tervetulleiksi Labor n päivä, joten tätä erityistä loma, haluaisimme tarjota paremman tarjouksen!
    Tänä ajan kaikki tuotteet tarjotaan 12% alennusta! Sisältää alennus tuotteet! Kuinka jännittävää!

    Ja tässä on kuponkikoodi: LABOR12OFF
    Tämä koodi tulee päättyi 4., voi!
    Säästät Muita käyttäessäsi tätä kuponkikoodi!
    Kaikki tuotteet on vapaa shgipping Kun ne ovat yli 50 dollaria

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    Oh my goodnes.. please use english, that translation is horrible. It almost makes sense but doesn't

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    i will. Sorry for the cersion before, we hope we can make you feel satisfied!

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    Hi all,

    For Subtank mini and Eleaf iStick 30W mod kit( wall charger+ USB cable)
    Kangertech Subtank Mini Cartomizer with OCC 4.5ml + Eleaf iStick 30W VV/VW Mod with Wall Charger and USB Cable -
    Now you can get it with 59USD now
    We are willing to offer 12% discounts for our customers!
    Free shipping!

    And both of these two items are in stock!

    The code is: SDM12OFF

    Package content:
    1x iStick 30w battery

    1xwall adaptor with usb cable
    1 x Subtank Mini
    1 x OCC: 0.5 sub-ohm/ range 15W - 30W
    1 x OCC: 1.2 Ohm/range 12W - 25W
    4 x RBA coil (Organic cotton made in Japan)
    1 x RBA tip connector
    1 x RBA base
    3 x spare O-rings
    1 x Screw Driver
    2 x Screws
    1 x Manual

    hopefully you guys like this deal!
    best wishes,
    betty from

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    IPV 4 100W will be shipped from USA on May 12, 2015, the next Tuesday. Unfortunately, the black, which have not realsed yet, will be available later.
    All orders for silver will be arranged for shipping on May 12 from the USA.

    Coupon code: IPV12OFF can be used to save more!\
    Free shipping!

    1. Visual operating system
    2. Low voltage protection
    3. Low resistance protection
    4. High input voltage warning
    5. Output short circuit protection
    6. Reverse battery protection
    7. Temperature overheat protection
    8. Adjustable wattage from 5w to 100w

    Hopefully you like this deal!have a great day1
    Best wishes,
    Betty from

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    Dear all,
    Today we would like to offer you a better deal for all of our all members here!

    For All new registers from 5.11-5.15 in, we will reward you 500 points which worths 5 dollars.

    PS: Drop me a PM about your registered email or send me your email to our official email:, you will be reward 5USD!

    And for All our regular customers, we would also like to offer you one crazy deal:

    All orders which are over $100, your shopping cart will be reduced 20USD directly with this code: Sale20OFF
    All orders which over $200, you shopping cart will be reduce 40USD dirctly with this coupon code: Sale40OFF

    Hopefully you like this!
    Best wishes,
    Betty from

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    $27.4 for Arctic Sub-Ohm Tank + Arctic BTDC Replacement Sub-ohm Coil 5 pieces

    Hi all,
    For Arctic Sub-Ohm Tank
    Arctic Sub-Ohm Tank -
    Arctic BTDC Replacement Sub-ohm Coils 5pcs
    5pcs Arctic BTDC Replacement Sub-ohm Coils -

    Based on the special discounts, we would like to offer more!
    For both of them.
    Horizone Arctic Sub-Ohm Tank + Horizone Arctic BTDC Replacement Sub-ohm Coils 5 pcs -
    You can get it with $27.4 now!


    Hopefully you like this sale!
    If you have questions, please leave me messages! we are glad that we can serve you!
    Best wishes ,
    betty from

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    Hello guys,
    From 5.14-5.16
    We would like to offer you one better deal!
    In this period of time, All of your first orders will be rewarded 500 points which worths 5USD!

    ps: Drop me a PM or send your email to our official email:
    You will be rewarded 500 points!

    And for all of our members within three days:
    if your order on>$50, you will be reward 1000 points($10) automatically!
    If your order on Cvapor,com>$100, you will be rewarded 2000 points($20) automatically!
    If your order on>$150, you will be rewarded 3000 points ($30)automatically!
    If your order on>$200, you will be rewarded 5000 points ($40)automatically!
    And if you orders are more than $250, please drop US a PM our official email, we will offer more discounts for you, guys!

    And if you purchase first order and it is also over 50USD, you are not only get 1500 points! And also you products will be sent by free shipping!

    It is a great budget ever! you can not imagine!

    If have some questions, please leave messages, we will handle this for you!

    Thanks have a nice day!
    Best wishes,
    Betty from

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    IPV items prices in uupdated!

    Coupon Code: IPV12
    Expires on 22th
    $45/free shipping for IPV Mini 30W

    $72/Free Shipping for IPV4 100W

    $59/ Free Shipping for IPV 70W

    $96.8/ Free Shipping for IPV 2s 70W

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    Dear all,
    Presumbly you must have heard of Sigelei 75w, this fanrastic temperature control mod!

    Sigelei 75W Box Mod is not only with temperature control but also features battery doors that can be removed from either side with ease. The Sigelei 75W uses a single 18650 battery.
    Today we are willing to offer you one great deal!

    Coupon code:SGL12OFF
    The first batch will arrive on June 14.
    Free shipping!
    The coupon code will expire 31th, May!
    Sigelei 75W Box Mod -

    Features: 1. Takes 1x 18650 battery
    2. Mini USB charge port
    3. Output wattage: 5W – 75W
    4. Temp Control: 100 C - 350 C/ 212 F - 662 F
    5. Output Voltage: 0.5V-8.5V
    6. Lowest Voltage Protection: <3.2V, "check battery"
    7. Highest Voltage Protection: <5.0V, High Voltage

    Hopefully you like it!
    best regards,
    Betty from

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    Hi guys,
    You must be interested in these items:

    Kanger Subox Mini Kit
    Kanger Subox Mini Starter Kit -
    The coupon code:KSM13OFF

    Joyetech eVic-VT VW Kit

    Coupon code:EVT8OFF
    you can have it with $83.7
    Joyetech eVic-VT VW Kit -

    Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro 60W Kit


    Joyetech eGo ONE Mini

    Kamry 60W Box Mod 20% off

    Hopefully you like these deals!

    best regards,

    Betty from

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    Based on your requirements and interests, and we prepare these items for you! These items are hot! And also the prices are very nice! All items below are offered 15% discounts!

    Hopefully you like it!
    For these items, you can use this coupon code:SDK15OFF
    The code will last only three days!
    It expires on May 29.

    I promise that you will love this code! Lol

    $78.6 with Sigelei 100W Plus Box
    Sigelei 100W Plus Box Mod 510 Thread -

    Eleaf iStick 50W VV/VW Mod Battery with $43.9
    Eleaf iStick 50W VV/VW Mod Battery -

    Dovpo Mini 50W with $48.4

    Dovpo Mini 50W -

    Kamry 60W Box Mod with $67.9

    Kamry 60W Box Mod -

    Eleaf Lemo II
    with $30.2

    Eleaf Lemo II Rebuildable Atomizer -

    Eleaf iStick 30W Mod Just the Battery
    with $31
    Eleaf iStick 30W Battery with no wall adaptor -

    Cloupor Mini 30W VV/VW Box Mod with $37
    Cloupor Mini 30W VV/VW 7w- 30w output power -

    Sigelei Mini 30W Box Mod with $42.3

    Sigelei Mini 30W Box Mod -

    best regards,
    Betty from

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    In order to feedback all of our friends! We are willing to offer you the greatest discounts for our members! This is the biggest ever! And more than 80 items including all mods and batteries are offered 20% discounts!

    Discount code: MDB20OFF
    Expires 31th of May

    Which will last four days!

    There are 81 items in total!You can get what you like! Such as:
    Sigelei 75W with $66

    Ipv 4 100w $65.4

    IPV Mini 70w with $60

    Sigelei 100w plus with $79.5

    Innokin MVP 3.0 $53

    Dovpo GX-200 Mechanical Mod with $28.5

    Dovpo Mini 50W with $41.6

    Hopefully you guys won't miss these chances! And there are still many Mod mods you like such as Eleaf 20w. 30w. 50w , Kamry 60w , innokin and etc! Good luck guys!
    hopefully you will like this deal!

    best regards,
    betty from

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    Hi guys,
    For these two popular items, Aspire Atlantis 2 and Dovpo GX-200 mechanical mod
    The original prices for them are $64, now they can be purchased together with $57 Aspire Atlantis 2 and Dovpo GX-200 mechanical mod

    And 12% discounts willl be offered, so using the code: ASB12OFF, you guys can have it with $50, it is also free shipping!

    Package content:
    1* Transparent Plastic Box
    1*GX-200 Mod
    1*USB Cable
    1 x Complete Atlantis 2 (0.3ohm pre-installed)
    1 x Extra replacement atomzier head

    Thanks guys for your attention, if you really want other items from, you can put it forward, we will be trying to meet your demands! have a great day!

    Best regards,
    betty from

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