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    Hi all,

    We are based in Ireland and have a growing customer base in Finland.
    We are an online store and sell only genuine products from Aspire, Kangetech, Innokin, Smok, Eleaf and more.

    Our biggest seller is our 100ml Hangsen E Liquids from €13.49 each.
    We have a big range of flavours and also a range of VG liquids.

    An Overview Of Hangsen

    Please check our site

    Thank you.


    Vape Freaks

    Vape Freaks
    Viimeksi muokannut Vape Freaks; 13.07.15 kello 21:39.

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    Standard shipping for 1 X 100ml E Liquid is €4.80, shipping for 2 X 100ml E Liquid is €5.80

    Thank you.

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    Höyrykone ktdd's Avatar

    Edited thread title to show name of the shop. Feel free to edit more if you need to.

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    Maybe I can change my username to Vape Freaks?

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    Höyrykone ktdd's Avatar

    You need to PM ViZi and ask about that.

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    OK, thank you ktdd

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    Hi all,

    we have added a new courier shipping option for Finland for larger and heavier orders.

    Thanks all.
    Viimeksi muokannut Vape Freaks; 20.03.15 kello 13:56.

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    Hi all,

    as we are new to the forum, we have a one week special discount of 10% off all 100ml Hangsen E Liquids.
    Please enter "e-Savuke" at checkout in the "Enter Discount Code" box and click the + button.

    Thank you.


    Vape Freaks

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    Hei kaikki,
    Olemme kääntäneet paljon tärkeimmät sanoja ja lauseita sivuillamme.
    Ole hyvä ja valitse lippu yläreunassa kotisivulle.


    Vape Freaks

    Hi all,
    we have translated a lot of the main words and phrases on our website.
    Please select your flag at the top of the Home Page.

    Thank you

    Vape Freaks

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    Hi all,

    30ml Hangsen E Liquid now reduced to only €4.99 each for a limited time.

    30ml E Liquid by Hangsen

    Thank you.

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    New Sample Pack added to the E Liquid range.
    5 X 5ml @ just €7.49 in the following flavours:

    Mint Strawberry
    Red Energy
    Vanilla Custard

    Tobacco Sample Packs & Fruit Sample Packs also available.
    Larger 100ml bottles available @ €14.49 in a wider range of flavours and strengths.

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    Hi all, Just under 24 hours left for the 100ml discount code (see 4 posts ago)
    Many thank to all of you that have used it, I really hope you enjoy your 100ml E Liquids. Stephen vape Freaks

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    Vape Freaks are very excited to announce That We now stock the Diablo Range E Liquid 10ml @ the special offer price of just € 4.99

    Diablo E Liquids, hand blended in Ireland. Diablo use only the finest ingredients for the perfect vape. Fast shipping to the UK, Europe and Worldwide. The very best E Liquids for your Clearomizer and atomizer.

    Diablo E Liquid prides Itself is the Fact That it does not use any additional colors or Sweeteners, to Enhance the vape,
    other than the standard ingredients of nicotine, Propylene Glycol, Glycerin, and food flavorings.
    Diablo have assured us That the ingredients they use are 100% created without the use of Diacetyl, Acetyl propionyl, Butyric Acid or Acetoin.

    Check out the range of Diablo's Bakery, Beverage, Confectionery and Dessert flavors. A devilishly tasty vape!

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    Genuine Evolv DNA 30D, DNA 40 (Big Screen Version) and DNA charging chips are now available and ready to ship.

    Mods, mechanical Mods & Variable Voltage Mods

    Thanks all.

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    All 30ml E Liquids reduced to just €3.99 until Sunday the 12th of April at 11pm.
    If you have never tried Hangsen E Liquids, surprise yourself and find a flavour that you love for just €3.99.
    Limited stock available at this price.
    30ml bottles are only available in 12mg and 18mg.

    Big 100ml bottles available in a greater variety of flavours and strengths @ €14.49

    Happy Easter all 

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    Hi all,

    just a quick reminder that the 30ml E Liquid sale ends tomorrow, Sunday at 11pm.
    There has been a great response to the sale and now we have only limited stock of flavours available.
    A HUGE thanks to all that made a purchase, we hope you are enjoying them and thank you all very much for your purchase.


    Vape Freaks

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    Hi guys,
    Just a quick update on some new stock at Vape Freaks.
    100ml E Liquids are restocked in most flavours, Evolv DNA chips, new Kanger K BOX, PG & VG base liquids in 7% & 0%, 2600mAh VV spinner batteries, Aspire K1 clearomizers and a few other items.
    Thanks all.

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    Hi all,
    Back in stock, 2600mAh Variable Voltage batteries.
    The Clover Overlord 2600mah VV Battery is one of the highest capacity spinner style batteries on the market today and at a super price.
    The bottom dial makes the battery smooth to adjust and easy to stand up.

    Perfect for the desk or beside the bed, the Clover Spinner 2600mAh is sure to last throughout the day on a single charge.
    A great, long lasting VV battery at a superb price.


    Clearly marked voltage setting of 3.3V / 3.8V / 4.3V / 4.8V
    Rotate the wheel located at the bottom of the battery to your desired voltage.
    Increase / decrease in 0.1V increments.
    Variable Voltage Feature - Allows users to adjust to preferred setting.
    Manual button with 5 click on / off system.
    Battery LED light to indicate low battery status.
    RED - 10% - 40%
    BLUE - 40% - 60%
    WHITE - 80% - 100%
    Short Circuit Protection / Safety Cut Off Protection.
    Low Voltage Protection / Over Discharge Protection.
    Capacity: 2600mAh.
    Charging Time: 5 - 6 Hours.
    Height: 118mm.
    Diameter: 20mm

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    Hi all,
    Just putting it out there that we have secured a new supplier and all 100ml PG or VG certified liquids are now only €2.20 per bottle. UK sourced and full certification available on request.;…/cat2486622_2515728.aspx

    Thanks all.
    Viimeksi muokannut Vape Freaks; 26.06.15 kello 16:02.

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    eVic-VT and Kanger Subox now in stock


    The super Joyetech eVic-VT and the Kanger Subox kits are now in stock.
    We have also added many new products to our DIY page.

    E Cigarette Ireland by Vape Freaks

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