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Electronic cigarette types and models

I Would first like to say that when I was building this site I quickly realized that approximately 90% of all electronic cigarettes will come from a Chinese factory. Suppliers sometimes rename these, add their logo or even have their own packaging made. This can be considered a good thing because spare parts are readily available from several vendors and the most popular models are compatible with each other. Also, price competition between retailers seems to be hard and sellers generally try to add something to distinguish them from others. Cons are that it's difficult to compete with the quality of the products since the manufacturer is usually the same. Technical quality of e-cigarettes is improving all the time, fortunately. You should also know that even though suppliers don't tell you the exact model name or number and come up with the most imaginative and well-selling names for their devices, the actual product might be exactly the same as the competitors. This will make comparing prices very difficult and that might well be the reason for this naming policy.

With so many different models on the market these days, its impossible to say which one would be the best for you.. Electronic cigarette types are (from smallest to largest): Micro, Super Mini, Mini, Penstyle (aka Classic), e-cigar and e-pipe. Almost all models are reusable and rechargeable, but there are also models which are completely disposable and models which have a disposable cartridge / atomizer combination (cartomizer). With disposable I mean a few hours - days use. Micro can be even smaller than a regular cigarette (50mm - 99mm), Super Mini is almost the size of a regular cigarette (100mm - 115mm), Mini is slightly larger (116mm - 139mm), Penstyle / Classic is about the size a of a ballpoint pen (140mm - 160mm). For comparison, the standard tobacco cigarette is 89mm long. e-Cigar and e-Pipe are the largest models and correspond roughly to their traditional tobacco versions. (Source: http://www.vapeatron.com/e-cigarette-models/). The image below shows a variety of e-cigarettes types. Few penstyles on the top, a mini on the middle and super-minis on the bottom.

Common electronic cigarette models

Here is a list of some of the most popular models, not a complete list in any way though. After the model name, you'll see products that are sold with a different name but are fully compatible with that model and work almost or exactly the same.




M401 (Pilot Hybrid / Intellicig EVOlution) DSE-901 (RN-4075) DSE-801 (RN-4072, M201, BE112)
Joye510 (Dura / Titan / Yeti / Zenith) J118 (VX2, "DSE-901 2009") Janty Kissbox Classic
RN4081 (PeeWee / Super E.Cig (10cm), Njoy NPro) KR808D-1 (Nebula / DPV9 / Vapor King) Njoy Ncig

Listed above are the most popular models that have generally proven to be good. I would say that you can not go wrong when you choose a specific size that suits your needs, choose a budget and an appropriate model. Finding the best model can and will be difficult though. Appearance is the first obvious choice and of course is up to your personal taste. Size is also an important factor and you can find more information about this on this page. Battery life varies between the models and this of course should be taken into account. For some models there are even portable charging cases (aka PCC) available. Throat hit the model produces is also important especially if you are a smoker or ex-smoker. Another somewhat related to this criterion is how much and how warm vapor the e-cigarette produces, in addition to affecting the visual feel this also improves the throat-hit. E-cigarettes are usually sold as starter kits with the amount of spare parts and accessories depending on the manufacturer and supplier so make sure you get value for your money

A good beginner's basic electronic cigarette is a mini-type DSE-901 and its variations. This is a middle-sized model so battery life, vapor amount and throat hit are from average to good. 901 is easy to use and the size is still convenient. You can get this model with an automatic or a manual switch. The automatic version is still very popular but If you want a manually operated device I would recommend reading on. The model is so common that spare parts can be easily found in almost any e-cigarette store. Also, because the of price competition is fierce this is one of the cheapest e-cigarette models. Read a review of the DSE-901 automatic version or the DSE-901 manual version.

Another small and recommended e-cigarette for beginners as well as for more experienced users is the super mini-type Joye510. This model also comes with either a automatic or a manual switch. If you are looking for an e-cigarette working as much as like a regular cigarette, i'd still recommend the DSE-901 but the manual version of Joye510 will beat everything else in this size class. It has the best throat hit and amount of vapor. Joye510 is also sold under with quite a few different names. For example, Dura, Titan, Yeti and Zenith are all Joye510s. Read a review of the Joye510 automatic version or the Joye510 manual version.

For home use, perhaps the best model is a Penstyle. In size, this is already noticeably larger than a regular cigarette but this also brings many advantages such as good battery life and a bigger cartridge which allows longer vaping sessions. A good model is the basic DSE-801 or if you don't mind spending some more (or a lot more) then you could consider the Janty Classic Kissbox. Another good option for home use is to get a USB-passthrough cable to any of the above models. The passthrough cable is connected into your computers USB-port or any other USB-connection. Atomizer is attached to the other end of the cable and your e-cigarette with a constant source of power is ready to use. Read a Janty Classic Kissbox review, DSE-801 review or a 801/901 passthrough review.

If mobility is the only major criterion for you, then choose a micro-type e-cigarette (DSE-084, RN-4082, Joye306 ...), their usability is often, however, significantly weaker than the larger sized models so I don't consider them to be among the most popular ones. If you want something more special, your choice is a e-cigar (DSE, 701, Joye301, RN-4062 ...) or e-pipe (DSE, 601, KR-608, Joye307 ...).

Price of a electronic cigarette starter kit (inc. 2 batteries, atomizer, cartridges and a charger) usually start from $30. The most expensive sets may cost more than $100. The high price does not always mean better quality and some suppliers take advantage of consumers uncertain about this new product.

The latest trend seem to be the modifications (mods). Mods are mass produced (e.g. Tornado) or home made (e.g. Bartleby) improvements to the original models or completely new devices made from scratch. Mods don't necessarily look anything like regular cigarettes and can be much larger in size. They can be used with the standard electronic cigarette voltage (3.7V) but some are run at a higher voltage (5V - 7.4V) producing lots more vapor and throat hit than the traditional e-cigarettes. A really comprehensive list of battery and other mod scan be found on our mods-page.

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