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Aihe: Whole Tobacco Alkaloid (WTA) mistä?

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    Whole Tobacco Alkaloid (WTA) mistä?

    Tämä rupesi kiinnostamaan kovasti. Mistähän ETA alueelta voisi moisia nikotiiniseoksia tilailla?


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    Vs: Whole Tobacco Alkaloid (WTA) mistä?

    Ei vielä mistään. Itsekkin mielenkiinnolla odotan tuotteiden rantautumista eurooppaan.

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    Vs: Whole Tobacco Alkaloid (WTA) mistä?

    Valmistaja kehoittaa, että jos normihöyryttelystä saa tarpeeksi, niin tuohon ei välttämättä kannata siirtyä. WTA mehut tarkoitettu lähinnä niille, joilta puuttuu höyryttelystä se jokin mitä tupakasta sai.
    Toki olisi mielenkiintoista testata tuotetta.

    Tuolta löytyy hyvin infoa - http://www.aromaejuice.com/Whole-Tob...5WHOLETOBC.htm

    "Is WTA safe?

    This question should more properly be, "Are e-liquids safe?" Certainly WTA avoids the
    many by-products from tobacco combustion, but there can be trace carcinogens known as
    tobacco specific nitrosamines (TSNA’s). These TSNA’s can be present in E-juice, NRT's,
    snus, chew, WTA, and any other product derived from tobacco. NRT’s show the lowest value
    of TSNA’s. Whenever you have a tobacco product, it will most likely contain some amount
    of TSNA’s. With products derived or extracted from tobacco there is always a chance of
    inhaling these TSNA’s. The safest approach is not to ingest any form of tobacco product at
    all. By using e-cigarettes we are aiming for a reduced risk versus smoking tobacco, but there
    is risk. WTA is a more complex mixture than an e-liquid containing only nicotine. Logically,
    WTA is not as safe as a nicotine only e-liquid.
    It is, however, this increased complexity that
    we believe affords WTA the ability to help a struggling vaper not fall back to smoking analogs."

    "Why should I try WTA?

    Actually, we don't believe that WTA is necessarily a product suited for you, so this is a
    question you'll have to answer for yourself. If you're happy vaping e-liquid containing
    only nicotine and you don't miss cigarettes or find yourself craving cigarettes while vaping,
    then WTA is most likely not for you and we would advise you not to try WTA. We envision
    WTA as a tool to help vapers stay away from cigarettes and it is not our desire to lead vapers back toward cigarettes."

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